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Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 16

This week I talk to my Husband Scott who has, just days ago, returned from a 6 month deployment. We talk about deployment from the Military member’s perspective. What happens when that ship pulls away from the wharf and sets off on its journey. How it feels for the Military member to be away from their family for long stretches and all those little questions you might have but never get the chance to ask.



Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 15

This week I talk to Susan who has just hit the one year mark of being a Navy spouse. Susan talks us through the huge changes she and her Husband have gone through during the past 12 months and what she expected Military life to be like versus the reality. From months and months of separation, giving birth to their second child without her Husband by her side, a few tears and a couple of hospital trips she has risen to the challenge and tackled everything that has been thrown at her like a true Military spouse does.



Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 14

This week’s podcast episode is a compilation of some of the words of wisdom offered by the beautiful military spouses I have already had on the podcast. What they do to make life easier. How they juggle all they have to juggle while living this military life. What self care means to them and how they look after themselves so they can continue to look after everyone else.



Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 13

This week I talk to Taryn, an Air Force spouse, who embarked on what was supposed to be a one year MWDU stint that eventually turned into three years with a deployment thrown into the mix. We talk about how she cope’s by herself with two young kids, a new business that is helping other defence partners on their re-employment journey, PEEP funding and how she makes sure she is looking after herself. 



Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 12, Part 2

Following on from last week’s Podcast episode, I talk to Kiri about her Husband Luke’s medical discharge from the Army, his decision to admit himself into hospital to get the help he needed and what happened when he told her he was walking away from their marriage. This is Part 2 of their story.


Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 12, Part 1

In this Episode I talk to Kiri about getting through a deployment that would change her Army Husband forever after two of his mate’s were killed in action. Kiri’s Husband would also go onto have a medical emergency out in the field, face medical discharge and so much more. This is Part 1 of their inspiring story.


Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 11

In this Episode I’m on the podcast talking about a medical emergency involving my 4 and a half year old and how it could have been the total unraveling of me. I talk about how laying some strong foundations over the last year and a half and consistently saying YES to me allowed me to pull myself out of a spiral of self pity and get back on track straight away.


Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 10

In this Episode I talk to Kate about meeting her now Army Husband Byron online, dating for a few short months, getting engaged, moving to be with Byron and getting married. This time last year Kate was still single and now she is in the thick of Army Wife life and loving it.


Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 9

In this Episode I talk to Mel about her whirlwind of an introduction to military spouse life! 10 months in and she was married, with a baby and her new husband was deploying to Afghanistan. Soon after his return from deployment they split and went their separate ways but came back together a few years later.