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Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 29

This week on the Podcast I talk to Army spouse Leah about moving and finding meaningful employment, her and her Husband’s long IVF journey, what will happen with their one and only frozen embryo when they post out and the importance of accessing Open Arms to stay on top of your mental health.

Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 28

This week on the Podcast I talk to Jenny about the importance of Defence School Mentors (DSM) and their role within our schools across the country. If you haven’t heard about DSM’s, they provide a range of services and resources that can assist with the transition between schools and education systems, and are also there to provide support for the unique day to day needs of Defence students.

Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 27

This week I talk to Air Force spouse Stella about coming to terms with an unexpected deployment, what happened when her Husband came back and the long road to getting to know each other again. Stella also talks about how a mountain biking accident just weeks after her Husbands return turned into nearly a year off work and the impact that had on her and their marriage. 

Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 26

This week I talk to former Air Force Officer and now Army spouse Laura about her transition from military member to spouse and finding her feet in the civilian world. Laura talks about the road to finding employment, long distance dating after only a few weeks of being official, finally moving to be with her partner and supporting him while coming to terms with the end of her military career.

Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 25

This week I talk to Navy spouse and University Lecturer Amy Johnson about what she found when she undertook her recent research into the ADF, Military families and our use of social media.

Amy’s research led her to come up with the notion of a  ‘perfect partner’– the expectation that a military spouse is someone who is happily keeping the family fires burning, looking after 2.5 kids, not working and following the military member from post to post.

While that may be the case at certain points in our spouse experience, in 2019 it isn’t always the typical experience and a majority of spouses don’t want that to be their experience. 

Amy talks about how the outdated image and idea of a ‘perfect partner’ place’s unreasonable demands on spouses and sometimes deters them from reaching out and accessing support.

Amy hopes her research will have an impact on dispelling this outdated ‘perfect partner’ image not just within the ADF community but also the wider community.

Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 24

This week I talk to Navy spouse Sera about coping with her husband being posted to a ship, going MWDU and deploying all while she juggled running a business, teenage kids and supporting her in laws during her Father in laws terminal illness. We talk about how Sera kept her Husband across his Dad’s condition during times of no contact and what happened when her Husband had to be pulled off the ship to make the harrowing journey home to say goodbye.

Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 23

This week I talk to Army spouse Arusha about the juggle that is MWDU, kids, working and how taking on a side hustle (when she was already stretched) ended up being the best decision she could make for herself, her health and everyone around her.

Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 22

This week I talk to US Air Force spouse and Life Coach Becca Brown about her experience as a spouse and how that led her to wanting something more. Fast forward to now and Becca is helping other spouses handle life better, finding purpose, drive, and passion in our lives and facing deployments and separation with confidence . We go deep and talk about how stepping into emotional adulthood (don’t worry it is explained in the episode) can help us lead the life we want to live through acknowledgement, allowing our emotions, getting intentional and taking responsibility for our thoughts and feelings!

Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 21

This week I talk to Army spouse Lisa about the heart break of infertility and how she and her husband Nathan went from thinking maybe they wouldn’t ever have children to having 6! Lisa talks us through the process of becoming a Foster Carer and their long journey to adopt.

Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 20

This week I talk to truly inspirational Air Force spouse Kerrie about the day her husband Nathan had a freak workplace accident that would completely change their lives. Kerrie talks about the moment she was told Nathan would probably never walk again and the months and months of rehab that followed and continues. Kerrie is all that a military spouse HAS to be and so much more and with her support Nathan is literally kicking goals!

Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 19

This week I talk to Elle about what it’s like to be in a long distance relationship from the very start after she and her Army partner met at a wedding late last year. Elle and Andrew stayed in contact and decided to give interstate love a go. 7 months on and they are navigating separation for months on end, applying to go Defacto and Elle has made the decision to move (with her dogs, cats and horses in tow) from Victoria to be with Andrew in NSW when he posts from QLD at the end of the year. It sounds complicated but they are making it work by making sure they support each other’s long term goals and by keeping communication open.

Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 18

This week I talk to Anika who recaps 5 years of being an Army family. Anika definitely takes everything in her stride, including posting across country at 38 weeks pregnant with their first baby! We also talk about how important securing work in each posting locality is for her relationship and her mental health and how Darwin went from being at the bottom of their posting list to one of their favorite experiences.